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Inkopoly is the world's first video game built on the INK Games platform.

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Blending the worlds of social media and gaming INKoploy is the first game on the INKGames platform. INKopoly players will not only be able to interact with a fully virtual economy, but will also be able to monetize their following and influence. With superior gameplay and state of the art revenue sharing features, INKopoly is the first ever game to combine social media, gaming, and revenue sharing into one. 

Get ready for the ride of a lifetime with INKopoly! 

Game Review

INKopoly is currently under construction with no release date yet. Many have speculated that there will be a limited release as early as 2021. If you’d like to stay up to date with the latest updates check back often. 

Are you a social media influencer looking for a way to monetize your following and reach? INKopoly will be the first game that will give you the chance to do so just be sharing your link. 

The exact details of the gameplay are still to be disclosed but we do know that the game will utilize the innovative INKGames platform. This platforms allows gamers and social influencers to monetize their following and influence by simply sharing their unique invite code. As you bring more users come into the INKopoly game you will be rewarded financially. This blend of gameplay and real world revenue is the best of both worlds and will no doubt lead to the viral nature of INKopoly. 

Check back often for the most up to date INKopoly information and reviews. As we get more information on the actual game play and features we will share them with your first. 

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Get paid for every single transaction that you generate with your unique invite code. 


In game items can be purchased and sold for real life cash. 


Trade your in game items with others or keep them for yourself for more influence.